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This is Suhail Karbari welcomes you on his website.I hope you like the knowledge i shared here.Pls mail me to add your knowledge on it.Because knowledge is wisdom.


ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, which is a category of business systems forming the primary transaction processing across multiple business functions or business units...

ERP Software

ERP software applications are module-based. Each software module automates business processes within a functional department. ERP applications can be implemented and deployed module-by-module. Major ERP software modules cover the major functional areas of organizations. Common ERP modules include product planning module, parts and material purchasing module, inventory control module, product distribution module, order tracking module, finance module, accounting module, marketing module, and HR module. Organizations often selectively implement the ERP modules that match their business needs.

Operating Systems for ERP

ERP software runs on various operating systems and hardware, from UNIX, Linux, Windows to mainframe. Since one organization may acquire ERP and other enterprise software from many different vendors, the requirements for running ERP applications are common - security, stability, scalability and open standards.